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Instructions for accurately measuring your dog’s collar size: Leave space between tape measure and pets neck for dogs comfort and safety (usually anywhere from 1 to 2 fingers should fit inside tape measure flush with dog's neck. See picture below.
We can make any size here are samples of 3 sizes:

1:) 16 inch collar
2:) 18 inch collar           3:) 20 inch collar 

If you have an old collar of your own- measure from the center hole to the beginning of the buckle where the leather folds around the Buckle shank.  See pictures below.
 Tape Measure Method-Measure Your Dog's Neck Using the 1-2 finger rule
18 in measurement shown
Center hole on Bottom Collar is at 16 inches and Center hole of collar on top of measure stick is at 18 inches. 
If Measuring Using An Old CollarLine up Edge of Ruler -see below ~to center hole-~see right >
Collar Measurement begins at Buckle
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